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There is a whole lot to experience when you visit Praline's Cafe Downtown Southington.

Praline's Cafe Downtown Southington is a family-oriented atmosphere and has the charm of an old fashioned ice cream parlor. Part of the downtown dining district experience, we are only a few short blocks from the Rails to Trails walkway.

Because we are open year round, we can service your needs for any occasion. Our staff is pleasant, knowledgeable and reliable and willing to work with you on customized orders.

Praline's own-made product is not mass produced. Our ice cream is made in small batches of 5 gallon vats. Unlike other brands, no air is added or used during the ice cream making process. This makes the ice cream perfectly smooth and creamy... the best tasting ice cream around!


Irresistibly satisfying ... One visit & you'll want to return to
Praline's Cafe Downtown Southington everyday!