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Gluten Free Ice Cream/Sorbet

Your search for gluten free ice cream ends here at Praline's Cafe. If you're allergic to gluten-a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, oats, kamut and spelt-you're probably looking for ways to enjoy ice cream with your family and friends at our ice cream emporium. Without a doubt, our gluten free ice cream tastes like the real thing. When you visit, please alert our staff to your allergy, and ask them to prepare your ice cream treat with gluten free product (cup serving only). We have a minimum of six different gluten free FROZEN TREAT products available including:

• Vanilla
• Chocolate
• Chocolate Chip
• Fudge ripple
• Black Cherry
• Toffee
• Banana
• Strawberry
• Black Raspberry
• Coconut
• Nightmare
• Cotton Candy
• White Chocolate Raspberry
• Thunder
• Coconut Bar
• Mint Chip
• Toasted Almond
• Rum Raisin
• Moose Lake
• Pralines and Cream
• White Russian
• Espresso Ripple Bean
• Maple Walnut
• Lemon Sorbet
• Raspberry Sorbet
• Orange Sherbert
• Watermelon Sherbert
• Peach
• Blueberry
• Orange Pineapple
• Black Raspberry Chip
• Banana Yogurt
• NFNS Vanilla
• NFNS Coffee
• NFNS Strawberry
- seasonal flavor

No Fat, No Sugar Ice Cream

• Strawberry
• Vanilla
• Coffee
• Chocolate

Frozen Yogurt

Banana Yogurt

Black Raspberry Chip Yogurt - black raspberry yogurt with chocolate chunks

Red Raspberry Chip Yogurt - raspberry yogurt with chocolate chunks

We make it easy for everyone to enjoy a tantalizingly tasty treat.
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