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Ice Cream Socials

Just call us with details of your party and we can give you a quote. There are a few different ways to serve at your party.
Here are some questions to prompt you:

• How many people will you be serving?
• When is the party and what time of day?
• How many flavors are you looking for?
• Do you need any toppings, cups, spoons and napkins?
• Do you need delivery?
• Do you have a large enough freezer to store the ice cream tubs or cups?

Classroom Orders for Your School

Classroom orders are available for quantities of 20 or more kiddie soft serve ice cream cups. The standard cup is vanilla, chocolate or van/choc twist with chocolate syrup and rainbow or chocolate sprinkles.

Please call 24 hours in advance with your order. There is a discount available on classroom orders: call for details 860.620.9226.

Delivery is available for a fee.

A variety of delectable dishes to satisfy all your guests.
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