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Our frozen treats and specialty items include a variety of classic ice cream products as well as dietary and specialty items. Certain items are made and sold exclusively at our Praline's Cafe Downtown Southington location.

  • ice cream sandwiches
  • bon-bons
  • homemade whipped cream
  • homemade waffle cones
  • specialty sundaes
  • 25 toppings to choose from
  • sherbets & sorbets (ices)
  • frozen yogurt
  • fruit toppings
  • hot toppings
  • candy toppings
  • holiday desserts
  • dog bowls

Frozen Treats

Ice Cream Sandwiches
We offer two cookie choices. Chocolate wafer or chocolate chip. Choice of Vanilla, Chocolate or Vanilla/Chocolate Twist. (For an upcharge, have your sandwich rolled in sprinkles or another candy item!)

Bon Bons
Your choice of any ice cream flavor shaped into a small nugget, covered in rich hard chocolate shell. Call ahead to custom order.

Ice Cream Cupcakes
Customize your cupcakes with any flavor ice cream and any frosting/decorations. Call ahead to custom order.

Soft serve ice cream filled cannolis. Plain or chocolate dipped.

Dog Treats
Soft serve vanilla ice cream mixed with crushed dog bones. Served in a bowl, topped with a dog bone. Custom dog ice cream cakes available too!

Vanilla, Chocolate or Van/ChocTwist Softserve Ice Cream with your choice of any topping as a mix-in.

Specialty Items

Homemade Whipped Cream
Our whipped cream is made fresh daily. A Praline's specialty!

Homemade Waffle Cones and Bowls
Waffle cones and bowls are freshly made at our store.

Check our site weekly or stop by for sensational new taste treats and specialty as well as seasonal products!

Gluten Free Ice Cream/Sorbet

Your search for gluten free ice cream ends here at Praline's Cafe. If you're allergic to gluten-a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, oats, kamut and spelt-you're probably looking for ways to enjoy ice cream with your family and friends at our ice cream emporium. Without a doubt, our gluten free ice cream tastes like the real thing. When you visit, please alert our staff to your allergy, and ask them to prepare your ice cream treat with gluten free product (cup serving only). We have six different gluten free FROZEN TREAT products available including:

Toasted Almond
Strawberry Sorbet
Lemon Sorbet
See more flavors

exactly the way YOU want it

Interested in ordering a Custom Ice Cream Decorated Cake exactly the way you want it? Make it a birthday everyone will remember! After all, an incredibly decorated Praline's DOWNTOWN SOUTHINGTON ice cream cake will be the life of YOUR party. Try one of our delectable ice cream treats that everyone will enjoy!

We can put almost any image or message on top of your
cake to make your occasion special.

Images or pictures are hand drawn with multi color edible cake gels. You can let us know what image you would like or you can provide us with a picture. There is an upcharge for this feature.

For an example of this feature, see the images at right.


A variety of delightful dishes to satisfy all your guests.
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